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The next admissions session will open in September 2020

Equity Research

Performing financial analysis on a wide pool of companies. The analyst will be introduced in a 4-people team and will deliver 2 financial reports per semester, based on valuation models like DCF, DDM, LBO and others. The analyst will learn the basics of financial modelling and valuation, using software like Excel.


Markets & Alternative Research

Analyzing, deeply studying and understanding the financial markets. The analyst will produce report about listed equity, fixed income, FICC financial and alternative financial instruments. The analyst will approach the basics of trading, structuring and pricing. The considered financial instruments will be stocks, bonds, derivatives, certificates, ETFs and everything can be traded on financial markets.


Macro Research

Examining and commenting the macroeconomic financial situation. The analyst will perform reports based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the political and socio-economic world environment. The analyst will approach the basics of macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics.

Risk Management

Statistically analyzing and measuring the risk of the Minerva’s multi-asset portfolios. The analyst will be involved in programming, executing and managing all the risk-management activities that regard our portfolios. The analyst will learn basic Python, R and Stata programming skills.


Portfolio Management

Building, analyzing, and constantly monitoring and reporting multi-asset portfolios. The analyst will be part of the active or passive portfolio team. The main duties regard the reporting and monitoring phases. After a short period of training, the analyst will actively manage and construct portfolios, contributing to the team’s performance.